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Astros Lose to Pirates 10-7 : Welcome to Last Place

What a frustrating game as an Astros fan... I just heard on the TV that the Astros club house is still closed to media which probably means that somebody is getting a talking to... maybe it's Cooper... In my opinion the opinion of others(including at least one FSN announcer), Cooper didn't manage this game to win. The FSN announcer(I can't remember his name, but he's new to me) stated that "Cecil Cooper managed the game to save the bullpen, not to win the game" which is a very bad thing when your goal is to WIN THE GAME!!!

Yes I completely understand that the bullpen was overused last night in the 17 inning loss to the Braves... but there was no reason to just give this game away. Obviously Hernandez was over matched tonight against the Pirates and was getting shelled every inning he went out. He had more 4 run innings than he did 0 run innings if that means anything to you. In 4 innings, Hernandez gave up 10 earned runs... 10!!!! You would think after the 4 run 1st and 2 run 2nd that you would go to the bullpen... there's a reason you called up Chad Paronto before the game. Wright threw 30 pitches last night and Borkowski through 27 the night before, but neither had thrown the game before... so they probably could have went out and thrown an inning. Paronto hadn't pitched since July 3rd so you knew he was available for multiple innings. I just think the game was poorly managed and I believe that the end result was a direct result of the way the game was managed.

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe that's why I write about the Astros and don't manage them... call me ignorant.

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Houston Astros
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Tuesday, Jul 8, 2008, 6:05 PM CDT
PNC Park

Brandon Backe vs Ian Snell

Mostly cloudy with a 50-percent chance of rain. Winds blowing out to left field at 5-15 m.p.h. Game Time temperature: Around 80.

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