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Astros Lose 7-6 in 17, Drop Series to the Braves

I hate losing... but losing is even worse when you go into the late innings with a lead and then your pen blows it... and it hurts even worse when you had a 4 run lead at one time during the game... and it hurts even worse than that when you play a 17 inning game and lose the game. Well... all of those things happened today as the Astros went into the bottom half of the 3rd with a 5-1 lead after just gaining some momentum with a Ty Wigginton grand slam home run. Then going into the 8th with a 6-4 lead, the bull pen gives up 2 more runs to tie the game at 6-6... and that's where the game stood until the 17th inning where Tim Byrdak(who had already pitched 2 scoreless frames) failed to get an out by loading the bases and then giving up a long drive to the wall in left field off the bat of Mark Teixeira to end the game.

2008 - Michael Bourn 83 310 38 69 6 3 4 15 25 70 31 7 .223 .280 .300

WHY WAS BOURN LEADING OFF AGAIN!!?!??!??? WHY!?!? I just don't understand it and I questioned it before the game only to be correct in questioning it as Michael Bourn went 0-7 with 3 strike outs(should have been 0-8, but he laid down a sac bunt) to continue his miserable season. We thought Bourn might be coming out of his "slump" a few weeks back when he was actually showing signs of being a decent hitter... well, it's starting to look like this slump he was in is more of what he is actually capable of, and the decent hitting he was doing a couple weeks ago was the aberration. If the Astros are going to keep Bourn in the lineup... they need to bury him in the bottom of the lineup where he won't be getting the most at bats on the team... I really wish there was someone in the minors that was at least decent that could come and take his spot... but unfortunately we are the Houston Astros and our farm system completely sucks.

Wigginton had a pretty good game going 3-8 with the grand slam... and he didn't strike out even 1 time! Pence went 3 for 7 with a walk. Every Astros starter(not counting Wandy) had a hit in this game except for Bourn. Tejada came in and PH for Valverde in the 10th and went 1-2 with 2 walks.

Next Game

Houston Astros
@ Pittsburgh Pirates

Monday, Jul 7, 2008, 6:05 PM CDT
PNC Park

Runelvys Hernandez vs Phil Dumatrait

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing in from right field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game Time temperature: Around 80.

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The Astros start a 3 game series with the Pirates tomorrow and after the off day on Thursday, conclude the pre-All Star section of the season at the Nationals ending on Sunday. The winner of this series with the Pirates is a battle to see who will not be in last place as the Astros and Pirates are tied for last place in the NL Central(ok, technically the Astro are ahead since their winning % is .001 better than the Pirates...). Afterwards the Astros are off for 4 days for the All-Star break in which Lance Berkman and Miguel Tejada will be representing the Astros at. Lee could also be there, but you must VOTE for him. He is a final vote candidate against Pat Burrell (Phillies), Corey Hart (Brewers), Aaron Rowand (Giants) and David Wright (Mets).