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My Trip to MMP 7-28-08

Here is the link to my photos that I took while at the game on 7/28/08. Some of the pictures are a little blurry unfortunately. I have a pretty decent camera, but the zoom just couldn't get me as close as I wanted with as clear of pictures as I wanted. It also didn't help that the people in front of me kept moving and screwing up my camera's focus... I had 221 pictures before I started deleting the really blurry ones, and ended up with about 140. You can see a slide show of the pictures below.

If for some odd reason you would like a higher quality copy of any of the pictures you see, let me know and I can get you a much better resolution copy. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the game.

Overall I had a really good time at the game... Our tickets were in the club level which is right above the lowest level... The seats actually have cushions and there are people walking around taking your orders for food, drinks and all of that if you want. This was probably the first time I've went to a game where the people around me didn't annoy the hell out of me. There were some people behind me that kind of annoyed me, but that's just because they were making dumb comments(like "if Mikey B would have been in the game, he would have robbed Dunn's Grand Slam home run")...

We got to the game around 6:00 PM and got to see part of the Red's batting practice... We parked about 3 blocks away to the North West side of MMP in the $5 parking... on the way to the stadium we had some people ask us if we could lend them some change so they could buy tickets which I though was odd... usually they ask for change for food or beer... No line to get in so we just headed through the check bags line(I was with my wife, so she had to get her purse checked) and I snuck in some Brite Crawlers gummy worms(they are nummy!). Headed up the stairs(for the exercise) and went right to our seats and sat down to watch the batting practice. When we got there, it was the Reds batting practice and no Astros were to be seen... after batting practice was over Matsui hit the field and stretched for a good 10-15 minutes... a little later Erstad came out, and Blum and Pence... then Aumus and Oswalt came out and started to warm Roy up in the outfield. Quintero and Berkman came out later followed by Tejada and Lee.

The game was fun... I really should go to more games... I enjoy going to live games, but I also enjoy watching the games on TV. The atmosphere is awesome at pretty much any live MLB game and that's nice... but most of the time I don't feel like fighting crowds/traffic and all of that... I also really enjoy listening to JD and Brownie as well as have full access to stats and all of that while at home... I'll probably catch another game before the season is up.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the pictures and Go 'Stros!