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Astros Beat Reds 5-4

I just got home from the game and am about to go to bed, but just wanted to get a quick post up here.  Fun game!! Roy worked through some trouble(2 on to lead off the 2nd I think and then struck out the side) and then obviously the grand slam) but he looked pretty good.. Fastball around 92-93 and his breaking stuff looked good from where I was sitting... The best parts of the game by far were the Blum home run, the 2 outstanding plays by Tejada and then Puma pouncing on the final out to end the game.  Great stuff!!!

I got a lot of pictures(about 220) that I will get uploaded sometime in the next day or 2(minus the blurry ones I will delete).  But I thought I'd just share this with you before I hit the sack. 

What do you do when you have 40 friends at an Astros game with too many open seats around you?