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Sad State of Baseball

What is there to be happy about as an Astros fan? Should we be happy that our owners are making trades sending young talent(albeit not exactly a top prospect) to other teams in exchange for a veteran, bottom of the rotation guy that is more than likely going to leave at the end of the season? I don't really understand the trade sending Chad Reineke to the Padres for Randy Wolf. This to me looks like a team making a move just for the sake of making a move. I don't know what to say about the team... obviously I'm not in the greatest moods when it comes to the Astros.

I could see this move if the Astros were still a team that could contend and were in need of a pitcher to help fill out the back side of the rotation... I could see that... but we're not. We're the worst team in our division(tied) and we have NO STARTING PITCHING! You aren't going to win with this type of team and signing Wolf does little to nothing to increase the chances of the Astros making the playoffs. We're the worst team in a division with the 3 best teams in the National League.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that every move your team makes... is the exact opposite of what you would have done? That's kind of where I am right now....

With the 2nd straight loss to the hands of the Pirates, the Astros are now TIED for last place in the NL Central with those Pirates. Tied for last place with the team that hasn't had a winning record since I was 12(1992).

NL Central Standings

Chicago 58 41 .585 0 Lost 1
Milwaukee 57 43 .570 1.5 Won 6
St. Louis 57 45 .558 2.5 Lost 2
Cincinnati 49 53 .480 10.5 Won 1
Pittsburgh 46 54 .460 12.5 Won 2
Houston 46 54 .460 12.5 Lost 3

(updated 7.22.2008 at 10:10 PM CDT)