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Astros Sign 1st Round Draft Pick

OK.  It's done.  The Astros have signed their 1st rounder, catcher Jason Castro.

Astros Sign Castro

For many teams, this announcement is routine.  But, given the Astros' difficulties last year in signing their top draft picks, and the farm system's extreme (bordering on starvation level) need for an infusion of talent, this is very important news for Astros fans.

The SpikesNStars fan blog has a status report on the signings of Astros' draft choices here, which was updated through July 2 (when I wrote this article anyway), and thus doesn't include the news on Castro.  Furthermore, the status report says that Brad Dydalewicz from Lake Travis HS, the Astros 8th round choice, is unsigned.  However, this earlier article in the Austin American Statesman, here, says that he signed and will report to the Astros Greenville Rookie League team.  However, a later article in American Statesman, which mentions that Dydalewicz threw out the first pitch in an Express game in early July and watched the Express play from the owner's box, indicates that he has not signed.  Brad does say he would prefer to sign a professional contract (rather than playing for a college team).  So, given the inconsistent reports, I'm not sure of his signing status.  Since he is a high school LHP who can throw in the 90's, let's hope he signs.

The two third round picks remain unsigned, as indicated in the linked blog above, and this report from the Houston Chronicle's Brian McTaggert link.