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What to do?

First off... am I the only one glad today is an off day?  I hate to say it, but I really don't want to watch the Astros right now... 

And to the point.  A lot of people are calling for Cooper's head now.  I'm not sure how Drayton feels about Cooper, but I know in the past, that he's seemed to have let fan interest have at least a little say in what he's done with the team. 

The latest issue involving Cooper is him sitting 3 of the Astros regular starters in the 3rd game of a series in which we'd already lost 2 games and were going into an off day the next game.  It also doesn't help that the game they all 3 sat was the biggest turn out of the year(I heard there were about 43,000 people at Sundays game).  The reason for sitting Berkman was stated that he is having issues with his calf and Cooper thought it would be best to give him 2 days off... Berkman said that he could have played and that if he couldn't then he would be on the DL. 

Roy Oswalt has also stated publicly that he didn't agree with them sitting.

"We didn't have the original team in," Oswalt said. "You've got one of the finest hitters in baseball in Lance [Berkman]. Ty Wigginton has been swinging the bat unbelievable. [Kazuo] Matsui gets on and works the count for us. That's three guys that could have gotten us on the board. I'm not taking anything away from any of the other guys; it's just that when you're regulars are not in, it seems like there's not as high intensity of play."

I've stated many times that I don't like seeing my best players sit.. and Cooper seems to sit them too much.  Tejada never sit before this season unless he was on the DL and he's already sat out at least 2 games this season.  Carlos Lee is pretty much the same and he's sat out multiple games. 

So what do you think?  Is Cooper's time in Houston coming to an end?  Do you think changing Managers is a worth while change? 

Honestly, I don't think Cooper is a very good manager... he makes a lot of coaching decisions that I wouldn't have made.  Maybe that is because he is a good manager and that's why I'm stating my opinion on this blog instead of coaching a big league team.  Or maybe he just isn't a good manager.  Who knows...  I don't really think that a managers decision will typically result in a team winning or losing a game(unless of course the manager is making multiple stupid decisions), so I'm not sure that changing the coach could change the outcome of the season much... but maybe it could.  I don't know. 

I do think that the managers main job at being a manager is putting the best team on the field... every game they play... and I don't think that is what is happening.