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Yankees come to town

Does anyone care that it's the big bad Yankees coming to town? I don't... I'm not real happy that the Astros changed their seat prices for this series and the Red Sox series and I think it's kind of crazy that people would pay more to see a game just because of the team the Astros are playing...

But, it is what it is and the series against the Yankees has already sold out. Good luck getting tickets and if you do some how find someone selling tickets, get ready to pay an arm and a leg for them. I just looked on Ebay and someone is trying to sell 4 tickets in section 127(good seats, but not this good) for $600-800 for the game on 6/14/08. That's $150 minimum for tickets that have a base price of $50... And I thought people paying $150 for a Wii Fit on ebay that retails for $90 was steep...

I just checked on and it is still possible to buy tickets to some of the games... I looked for 6/14/08 and just searched for best available and 1 ticket and there was a ticket in section 327 available. I changed it to 2 tickets and it wasn't able to find anything... so if you want to go to the games... you better be going alone.

Anyways, the Astros are playing the Yankee's... big deal. The Astros need a sweep and currently sit 1 game below .500 at 33 and 34 after losing 5 straight series in a row.

NL Central Standings

Chicago 43 24 .641 0 Won 4
St. Louis 40 28 .588 3.5 Lost 1
Milwaukee 35 31 .530 7.5 Won 2
Houston 33 34 .492 10 Lost 2
Pittsburgh 33 34 .492 10 Won 2
Cincinnati 32 36 .470 11.5 Won 1

(updated 6.12.2008 at 10:51 PM CDT)