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Well, at least we're consistent right?  We managed to score 1 run in all 3 games against the Brewers in this series and only allowed them 19 overall... that's pretty good right?  I mean...  they are a below .500 team... wait... they WERE a below .500 team until the Astros came into town.  Now they are 1 game above .500 and just 1/2 a game behind the Astros.  Wow...

Well. I have some good news...  We play the Pirates next and we can't possible make them an above .500 team.  They are 4 games under .500 and we only play them 3 times!  HAH! 

After the 3 game series in Pittsburgh, we get to come home for 9 games before we head out on the road again.  While at home we'll face the Cardinals, the Brewers again(PAYBACK TIME!) and the 4th place(and currently at .500) NY Yankees.  If you were thinking about going to the Yankees series, there are still some tickets available... although, you'll be paying out the rear for them.  Standing room only tickets are 20 bucks... $20 and you don't even get a seat...