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Houston Astros : Home Opener Recap

Not exactly the ending we all hoped for, but a win is a win; and a win on a walk-off shot is exciting...  but I would have rather seen Wandy get the win that he earned after going 7.1 innings of 3 hit ball.  You don't get much better than Wandy did tonight.  Wandy struck out 6 and didn't walk a batter allowing just 3 Cardinals to touch 1st base before he left.  Wandy is hands down my player of the game.

Now, my Game Hero has to go to Miguel Tejada who saved Jose Valverde by going yard in the 9th, opposite field style to win the game for the Astros, 5-3.  Tejada was also 2-4 on night. 

Other Notables

  • Lance Berkman, came back from a "pain in the neck" to go 1-3 with a home run.
  • Carlos Lee, finished off the back to back jacks in the 7th and also went 2-4.
  • Michael Bourn, 2-4(raising his avg to .250) with 2 stolen bases; that makes 6 on the year. 

And the downside of the game... I have to start with Valverde who totally ruined the excellent game by Wandy by blowing the save in the 9th and taking away Wandy's win, as well as giving up 3 earned runs.  If he's going to be a dominant closer.. he can't give up runs.  His ERA is now 11.25!!!  It needs to be closer to 3.25.  Hunter Pence is another downside.  Hunter has looked like he does indeed need to go back to Triple A by going 0-4 tonight with 3 strike outs, lowering his average to .171.  Not exactly the guy who led the team in avg last season(of those with 100+ runs).  I think he'll turn it around though.

Listening to the post game interview with Cooper, someone asked if Cooper learned anything tonight concerning Valverde... Cooper just responded with "I learned that will go with Valverde in the 9th inning if he's available".  Not really what I wanted to hear...  Sounds like blind faith to me... blind faith in someone who hasn't proven to be faithful...  We'll see how it goes. 

One of our readers went to some of the pre-game activities and e-mailed me a few pics.  The pics are from "Kelly", but I"m not sure the name on the blog, so I'll leave it at that. 

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