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Houston Astros at San Diego Padres, 2:35 PM CDT

What a game last night. For those of you who didn't stay up until midnight to see the end of last nights thriller against the Padres, the Astros actually showed what they can do when they come together and scored 4 runs in the 9th off of Trevor Hoffman to earn their first victory of the season.

Today the Astros end their opening series with the Padres at Petco field during normal business hours, starting the game at 2:35 PM. It's nice to know that I will be going to bed tonight before midnight.

In other news, it looks like Matsui will be ready to start his rehab assignments next week after taking batting practice the last 2 days. Hopefully he is fully recovered from his ailments.

Houston San Diego
1. Pence, RF 1. Hairston, CF
2. Loretta, 2B 2. Iguchi, 2B
3. Berkman, 1B 3. Gonzalez, A, 1B
4. Lee, LF 4. Kouzmanoff, 3B
5. Tejada, SS 5. McAnulty, LF
6. Wigginton, 3B 6. Greene, SS
7. Cruz, CF 7. Bard, C
8. Towles, C 8. Gerut, RF
9. Chacon, P 9. Wolf, P

No Bourn today as Cruz Jr. takes over in center for him; Pence moves up to lead off and Cruz takes over the 7 spot. Loretta back in at 2nd and batting 2nd.