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Wow....It's like Yogi says... It's like deja-vu, all over again.  Maybe I'm just a ignorant, but I don't see why managers(specifically Garner over the last few seasons and now Cooper), pull a starting pitcher out of game when they have yet to give up a run and have a pitch count under 10,000...  Especially when you have a struggling closer?  WHY!  It seems the only thing that ever comes out of this is that the starting pitchers brilliant outing goes completely to waste. 

Chacon was brilliant tonight, going 8 strong innings and allowing only 4 hits.  Valverde allowed 3 hits, 2 home runs and 4 runs in ONE THIRD OF AN INNING!!!!!!!  AHHH!!!  Fire him now.. trade him now.. whatever... I don't care...  but he better get his crap together fast.  We only have him for 1 season(guaranteed), and if it's going to be a losing season because he can't keep runs off the board, then what's the point of even putting him out there.  The only thing Valverde's done successfully this year is managed to get his ERA higher than Roy-O's...  Wow, he has 2 saves...   Yea, well he's blown 2 as well.  I could close 50% of games for the Astros and I'd take a hell of a lot less money than Valverde is getting paid... and I haven't pitched in 10+ years!!

I don't think there is one thing in baseball that pisses me off more than a manager pulling a starting pitcher that hasn't given up a run only to watch his outing be completely wasted by a closer who couldn't close the fridge door.  (sorry that was lame)  What happened tonight bothers me to no end.  There is no way I could be a major league owner... the 1st time my manager did this, I'd be in his office after the game... he'd walk into his office and I'd be there sitting in his chair with my back turned towards the door.  As he walks in I'd turn around slowly in the chair with a straight look on my face, not blinking and just stare at him.  Then I'd calmly tell him without any emotion that he screwed up tonight and that he better never do it again.  The next time it happens... there would be a help wanted sign on the door before he even made it into the locker room. 


Who is more to blame? Cooper for not knowing how to handle a pitching staff, or Valverde for not knowing how to handle a THREE RUN LEAD!

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