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Houston Astros - Hopefully the Pitching Gets Better

Everyone is saying that the weakest part of the 2008 Houston Astros is going to be their starting pitching behind Roy Oswalt.  Well... if spring training means anything... it looks like everyone is right.  

Yes it is still early in spring training and things will hopefully come around as spring training turns into opening day.  But the first week or so of spring training has been rough for starting pitchers not named Roy Oswalt.

Roy-O has been good so far going 5 innings, givinig up 5 hits, 1 run with 3 strike outs earning a 1.80 ERA.  And that concludes our compliments on Astros pitching for the day.

I was going to finish this off, by saying something good about the relievers, but then I see Valverde with an ERA of 6.75 and Brocail with an ERA of 12.00... so I think I'll just stop there.  

The stats look bad, but given the most innings pitched by any Astros pitcher is 5 innings... jumping off the ledge now would be silly... but it would be nice to see a few more sub 5 ERA's in the bunch.