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Houston Astros VS Detroit Tigers : Spring Training Game 32

Your Houston Astros send Shawn Chacon to the hill against Nate Robertson of the Tigers.  Chacon is more than likely going to be the Astros 4th starter, so hopefully he doesn't get shelled like Wandy/Woody did yesterday...  we're going to need some decent pitching this season.

Yesterday the Astros got destroyed by the Tigers 10-0 with Bonderman on the mound.  The Tigers are a really good team with good pitching and an offense 2nd to none.  The Astros have a really good offense, but it doesn't hold a candle to the Tigers offense.  The Tigers were 15-3-3 this spring season... with their lineup and pitching, that doesn't surprise me.

Game time is 1:05PM CST.  This is the last game before the Astros head to San Diego to start playing some real, meaningful baseball.