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Houston Astros : Woody Williams

Now that Woody has no more spring training appearances left... should he stay or should he go?

To put it nicely... Woody has been terrible this spring training and ended it in the same fashion today by going 3 innings and giving up 5 earned runs with a walk raising his spring ERA to 11.32.

Woody's response when asked about the game... "That's just the way it goes." The reporters after the game asked if he thought he should make the team in which he responded, "What do you think?" What do I think? I think it's time to hang it up Woody. You were bad last season and you look to have gotten worse. You've had a great career and are a good guy... it's time to call it quits. There's no shame in getting old and not being able to pitch effectively. Be proud... you've had a good career.

Reporters asked Cooper after the game if he had made a decision yet and he basically just responded to all of the questions(referring to Woody making the team and any other changes to the roster) that he wouldn't have any decisions made until tomorrow(presumably after the game).