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Houston Astros VS Detroit Tigers : Spring Training Game 28

Your Houston Astros send Chris Sampson to the hill against the Detroit Tigers and Justin Verlander today at 5:05PM CST.  The Astros are coming off a 10-10 tie yesterday with the Marlins in which they blasted 2 home runs and had 16 hits.  Unfortunately the pitching wasn't strong enough(seems to be a trend) to hold the 7-3 lead that was given after 2 innings. 

The Tigers look to be one of the strongest teams in the majors and are being predicted by many to win the World Series.  The Astros are currently 1-1 against the Tigers and face them two more times after today. 

The Astros have just 5 more games (including todays game) before real baseball starts.  Opening day for the Astros will be on the road against the Padres on March 31 at 9:05PM CST.