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Houston Astros VS Florida Marlins : Spring Training Game 24

Your Houston Astros take on the Florida Marlins today at 12:05PM CST.  The Astros send Roy Oswalt and his 2.40 ERA(this spring training) against Andrew Miller of the Fish.

Last time out, Roy-O put up his best outing of spring training by going 6 full innings, giving up no hits and striking out 7 against the Braves.

The Astros offense over the last 3 outings have scored 24 runs and won 3 in a row.  

Sounds like a beautiful day today in Florida; 76 degress, sunny with a nice breeze.

  1. Astros Lineup
  2. Pence, RF

  3. Loretta, 3B

  4. Berkman, 1B

  5. Lee, LF

  6. Tejada, SS

  7. Blumb, 2B

  8. Abercrombie, CF

  9. Ausmus, C

  10. Oswalt, P
Looks like Cooper has his rotation mostly set. Woody Williams still hasn't secured a spot.
The rotation will begin with Roy Oswalt, with Brandon Backe following as the No. 2, Wandy Rodriguez as the projected No. 3 and Shawn Chacon as the No. 4.

The fifth spot is up for grabs, with three contenders still in the running: Woody Williams, Jack Cassel and Chris Sampson.

"That could change," Cooper warned. "As the next week unfolds, that's how it's looking right now."

Good for Coop. I'm pulling for Sampson to get the 5th starter spot and am happy that Cooper isn't just giving Woody the 5th spot.