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Houston Astros VS Washington Nationals : Spring Training Game 23

Your Houston Astros send Chris Sampson will against Odalis Perez at 6:05 PM CST.  

I've been out of town since Monday and evidently the Astros have done pretty good in my absence winning 12-10 on Monday against the Dodgers and 8-7 on Wednesday against the Braves.  The 20 runs scored sounds pretty good, but then again, the 17 runs against over those two games isn't real impressive.  

On Monday 3/17/08, Williams was dreadful yet again going 4 whole innings and giving up 6 runs(5 earned).  Williams this spring has gone just 11.2 innings over his 4 starts and given up at least 5 runs in the last 3 games.  Woody doesn't appear to be earning a rotation spot at this time...

Tuesday was a day off(the Astros only scheduled day off of the spring season) but picked up again on Wednesday as the Astros took on the Braves.  Chacon looks to have turned things around after giving up 5 earned runs against the Dodgers on the 13th, went 5 innings and gave up just 1 run; walking none and striking out 4.  Maybe, just maybe he will be a decent pitcher for the Astros.