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Houston Astros : Spring Training So Far

Your Houston Astros through their first week of Spring Training games hold a 1-4 record after losing both sides of their split squad games today. Who cares... the only thing that means less than the win/loss ratio during spring training games is the batting average of your closer during spring training games. Ok, that was dumb, but you get the point.

One thing to be at least a little happy about, is the starting pitcher. Other than Chacon(who has a 9.00 ERA through his 2 innings pitched), the Astros [projected]1-4 in the rotation have a combined 8 innings pitched with 2 hits, 7 strike outs and a 0 ERA. I know it's still early... really early, but it's nice to see them putting up zeros. Chacon and Sampson on the other hand have struggled a little, with Sampson giving up 3 ER in his 2 innings pitched.

Offense wise, the best player has been Nick Gorneault who has 4 hits in 5 at bats, with a double and 2 RBI's. Hopefully he'll keep that up, but honestly... I just don't see him making the team. Getting an outfield spot is going to be hard, but with it being reported that Cooper is probably going to start off with 12 pitchers, there maybe a chance for an unexpected player to make the team. We'll see...

The most surprising thing for me so far this spring training??? Loretta's triple... How does Loretta get a triple? In 460 at bats last year, he had 2. While looking at Loretta's stats, something jumped out at me... Pitching stats? It's true, in 2001 Loretta (while playing for the Brewers) threw 1 inning in relief... did pretty good to with 2 strike outs, a hit, a walk and no earned runs over his 1 inning. Not too shabby.

Next up, the Astros welcome back old friends Morgan Ensberg and Jason Lane as we take on the New York Yankees tomorrow at 12:05PM CST.