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Houston Astros VS Washington Nationals : Spring Training Game 4(split squad)

The Houston Astros send split squads out today, one to face the Nationals at 1:05PM ET and another at 1:05PM ET against the Braves.  

The Astros send Shawn Chacon against the Nationals, followed by Paulino, Wright, Valverde, Mueck and Dejean.  

Berkman is scheduled to make his first spring training appearance in this game and slated to bat only right handed with the Nationals starting out with two lefties.  Berkman will be without any limitations tomorrow.

Erstad, CF
Loretta, DH
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Tejada, SS
Blum, 3B
Diaz, V, RF
Newhan, 2B
Ausmus, C