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Houston Astros VS NY Mets : Spring Training Game 20

Your Houston Astros send Chris Sampson to the hill against the Met's and Nelson Figueroa.  The Mets are playing a split squad game today against the Astros.  

Game Time : 12:05PM CST

In case you didn't see or hear any of yesterday's game, Roy O was awesome.  6 Innings with 7 strike outs, no walks and if it wasn't for an error, would have faced the minimum.  

It looks like the game should be broadcast on FSN today... It's also a BEAUTIFUL DAY outside(at least in the Houston area).  Right now at my house it's 63 degrees with a 20-27 MPH wind.  Looks like I'm going to barbecue!  Barbecue + Astros = good day.