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Houston Astros VS Detroit Tigers : Spring Training Game 17 - CANCELLED

Your Houston Astros take on the Detroit Tigers for the 3rd time this spring training today at 6:05 PM CST.  The Astros send Wandy Rodriguez against Nate Robertson.  The Astros also plan on using Villarreal, Brocail and McLemore sometime during the game.  

So far this spring training, Wandy has started> 3 games with a 1-0 record over his 8.1 innings pitched.  During this time he's earned a 5.4 ERA to go along with a 3/8 BB/K ratio.  Last time out, Wandy went 4 innings and only gave up 1 run while striking out 5.  Definitely a bright spot in for the Astros starting pitching.  Unfortunately, the game before, he only went 2.1 innings and gave up 4 runs.  Hopefully he continues his progression and has another outing like his last.  The way things are going right now, the Astros are really going to need Wandy to be good this year.  As much as it hurts me to say this, Wandy looks to be one of the key figures in this years rotation.

Possible club house issues between Cooper and Lee?  I don't know if I'm reading too much into this, but after the Astros win over the Dodgers on Thursday, Lee put a note on Coop's desk stating...

"I'm taking the day off tomorrow. I need it. Thanks."

Isn't the manager the one that is supposed to schedule days off?  I mean, I can see a player saying hey, Coach, I'd like a day off tomorrow... but outright saying that he's taking the day off...  who knows.  Hopefully I'm just being the conspiracy theorist here and it's nothing.  Cooper's response about it....
"Guess he'll be taking the day off [Friday]," Cooper said with a laugh.