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Houston Astros : Spring Training Week 2

The Astros finished off week #2 of spring training by getting shut out by the Mets.  Don't be alarmed too much by this though... Only 2 of the starters in this game(Pence and Wigginton) are destined for the Astros starting lineup.  Unfortunately, Pence and Wigginton were a combined 0-6 on the day.

The Astros have a record of 4-8 on this spring training.  

Astros next game will be against the Blue Jays as they send Roy Oswalt against Roy Halladay on Monday at 12:05 CST.  If this was a regular season game, it would definitely be a good game to watch.  

Annoying injuries appear to be the big story for the Astros.  Bourn is having issues with back spasms, Matsui is having issues with...  well, lets just leave it at issues.  Towles pulled his hammy and is going to miss some time.  Berkman already missed some time earlier in spring training.  Backe hurt his foot earlier.  Hopefully this string of injuries will stop soon...  And oddly enough, it seems the injuries are only happening to those slated to be starters(or maybe, we're only hearing about them because they are indeed starters).  

I'm so ready for the regular season... I'm tired of meaningless games and tired of them not being aired on the tube.  I WANT SOME MEANINGFUL GAMES!