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Backe More than 20 Starts This Season?

Haven't used the 8 ball in a while, so figured I'd pull it out while news is slow.

Backe's only had 20+ starts one time in his career, and that was in 2005 when he made 25 starts with a 10-8 record to go with a 4.76 ERA. Not a great season, but not completely terrible either. Hopefully after having surgery and missing most of last year, he'll be invigorated and come out strong this year. He's not starting out good this year after hurting his foot, but I doubt anyone is too worried about that. A few notes from here about Backe.
Backe update: Brandon Backe, sidelined with a bone bruise on his right foot, took a promising step toward recovery when he walked around without crutches on Monday

Although he's been scratched from his start on Thursday and has no timetable for when he may return, the right-hander has visions of resuming his normal Spring Training routine in the very near future.

"I'll use [the crutches] again tonight for precaution," Backe said. "Hopefully, I'll be walking in here tomorrow morning throwing them on the ground in [head athletic trainer] Dave's [Labossiere] face saying, 'I don't need them anymore.'"

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