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Houston Astros : Spring Training Notes

Tejada has arrived! Not like there was any doubt, but he is the biggest signing the Astros had this off season and he is now officially in camp with the Astros after showing up this morning 7:00AM EST.

Pence Injured. Like already mentioned here by Clack, Pence was injured last night while enjoying a nice dip in the hot tub with a friend. Reports say he didn't know his friend closed a glass door and Pence accidently went through it. You can read more about it here. Looks like he'll be out of spring training work outs for a week or so.

Loretta loses arbitration. I was kind of expecting Loretta to win his. I don't know why, but I was. This results in Loretta earning 2.75 million this year instead of the 4.9 million he was wanting. Read more.

Chacon close to a deal with the 'Stros? Maybe... Ken Rosenthal from is reporting that the Astros are close to signing Chacon to a 1 year deal. The Astros intend to use Chacon in the rotation. (thanks Clack for the Link)