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Houston Astros Spring Training

Tomorrow at 9:00AM EST, all players are required to be in Astros training camp. One of the most anticipated players to show up will be Astros new short stop, Miguel Tejada. I've been unable to find any really good information on how Tejada did during the winter leagues, but from talking to my good friend Rafael Rojas Cremonesi(who writes for the Astros spanish-language site and also blogs at the Space Race, Miggy had a good off-season(baseball wise). Raffy (as I call him) said this in a personal e-mail to me.

Tejada set a record for Home Runs in the Caribbean Series and his performance in the Dominican was awesome. Which is crazy, considering all the stuff surrounding him: the Mitchell Report controversy, his brother being killed tragically in the DR during his play in that country, you name it.

Which goes to show you the kind of player the Astros got into. An all-around incredible guy, with a huge love of baseball and an amazing human quality, I know Astros fans will adore the guy when he starts playing for us.
Rafael covers the winter leagues and knows his baseball, so hearing this from him, gets me even more excited about having Tejada around.

So Spring Training officially begins tomorrow(I don't consider it spring training until everyone is there). I can't wait until games start being played. If you haven't seen the spring training schedule yet, you can get it here. The first game will be on February 28 against the Indians.