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Crawfishboxes Fantasy Baseball

Hey everyone, I thought it might be fun to have a fantasy baseball league for everyone here at the Crawfish Boxes. If you would like to play, click here and sign up. If you don't, ignore this. It's free and it could be something else to have some [friendly] trash talk throughout the season. If you want to invite any friends, do so. Maximum amount of people in the league are 20, so sign up fast.

I set the league up through Yahoo. I've played fantasy hockey a bunch through there and I like it.

Sign Up Information
League ID#: 89693
Password: berkman

You must have a yahoo ID to join the league, but it's free and they don't spam your e-mail, so it's safe to sign up.

Well, I hope many of you sign up. If you do sign up, it would be cool if you named your team after your login name here... just so everyone would know whose in what position(yada yada).

I have the league currently set up by just points, but if ya'll would like to do head to head, let me know.

The draft is tentatively set for Saturday, March 22nd at 8:00PM CST. It is a live draft, but if you aren't there, then it will auto draft for you. You can go ahead of time and fill out the order in which you would like to draft players and if you don't come to the live draft, it will automatically draft for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.