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Biggio Signs with 'Stros

From here.

Biggio will be a special assistant to general manager Ed Wade and will assist in a variety of areas, including baseball operations on the Major and Minor League sides. He'll place special emphasis on instruction, the amateur draft and scouting, he'll serve on a part-time basis as an instructor at Spring Training and he will attend next year's Elite Camp, designed as a Spring Training warmup for the organization's top prospects.
We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but it's official now. We just lost one hall of famer from the organization, and gained another. This makes me happy. Not like glowing happy or anything like that, but it just feels right. With all of the steroid talk these days that I know everyone is tired of(including me), it's nice to have something else to write about.
The job description is still evolving, but Biggio is focused on working with the "kids" -- the prospects who comprise the very intricate web that forms a franchise's player development system.

"The future is about the next generation," Biggio said. "It's not about me anymore and it's not about [Bagwell] anymore. It's about these next kids and what we can do and how we can make them better -- better players and better people."