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Astros willing to trade Tejada?

********UPDATE********'s Anthony Castrovince is quashing the Tejada to the Twins rumors on Shaprio head shake:

One rumor that sprouted up today linked the Indians to Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada. I wouldn't get too emotionally invested in that rumor. Shapiro shook his head when it was brought up. And with Tejada due to make $13 million next season, the Astros would have to eat a large chunk of his contract -- a scenario that seems unlikely.

I disagree with Castrovince on the salary eating, but the head shake seems rather confirmative....


I'm exhausted and cranking out final papers like it's my job, but here are the relevant quotes:

From Ken Rosenthal:

Shortstop Miguel Tejada is another story. The Astros are willing to trade him, and are drawing interest from several teams, including some with openings at both shortstop and third base. The Twins and Dodgers fit that description.

The full story says we're really not willing to move Valverde and that we'll have to eat around of half Tejada's salary.  I'm not sure I'm a fan unless we get legitmate prospects in return for eating the salary.

Justice chimes in with:

To trade Miguel Tejada, he'd have to offer to pay at least half his $13-million salary. Even that might not do it.


I'm not sure I put much weight in the comment, but he also talks about Wigginton's salary and perceived inability to repeat his 2008 performance is causing his trade market to to contract.




Perhaps we'll get another Tejada trade this winter.