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Are Andy Pettitte and the Astros still in talks?

The Dallas Morning News mentions, sort as an afterthought, that with the Yankees looking more and more like they're going to go with Hughes or Kennedy next year, instead of Pettitte, three teams are waiting in the wings: the Rangers, the Astros, and the Dodgers.

The Yankees having a $10 million dollar offer on the table, which may still be overpaying for Pettitte's services, as he was only worth about 2 WAR last year ($9 million in value).  If Pettitte rejects that offer, I assume that he'll know he'll have to accept an offer lower than that from other teams.

Maybe if Pettitte is still on the table in February we can sign him to an affordable deal, and at something to the rotation that keep Brandon Backe from being a default starter.

Have a safe and Happy New Years!!