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Miguel Tejada would look great in Dodger Blue

Tim Dierkes threw this idea out for the Dodgers in one of his posts today over at MLBTraderumors: trade for Miguel Tejada to fill their gap at 3B. Apparently the Bums are not too keen on giving Casey Blake a three year contract, and Blake DeWitt (ZIPS Projection: .713 OPS, 16 HR) and Nomar (.754 OPS, 9 HR) aren't exactly the kind of thick, cuddly security blankets that make you feel comfortable.

The Dodgers do have a lot of young, talented players, but the majority of them are already at the major league level. Could Tejada snare us one of their prized middle infielders in waiting- Ivan DeJesus or Tony Abreu. Their pitching depth seems to be a bit up in the air, which leads me to think that there might not be much available in that department. After Chad Billingsley fractured his leg in November, the health of their hurlers should figure prominently in the mind of GM Ned Colletti heading into 2009. Brad Penny came off an injury riddled 2008 season, and looks to be headed elsewhere, while Derek Lowe is testing the free agent waters. Greg Maddux is an option for them, but would the team willing to spend the money to bring him back? The only sure things seem to be Hiroki Kuroda and the aforementioned Kershaw.

So, maybe I'm just spinning my wheels on this one and taking the bait that Dierkes threw out. Getting anything at this point for Miguel Tejada would be tremendous, and it would definitely help keep the payroll at a reasonable sum. Colletti has a history of bringing in veteran under-performers (Andruw Jones, Juan Pierre, and Jason Schmidt to name three), so why not one more?