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Astros done dealing—except for a pure short stop

According to McTaggart, Ed Wade and Drayton McLane are going to hold put with the team as it is—McLane laughed at the suggestion of a Ben Sheets signing (sorry entropic).

McTaggart's interview with Ed Wade did specify one piece of the puzzle they'd like to acquire, a pure shortstop, ostensibly to be Miguel Tejada's off-day platoon.  I'm fully behind that signing (per my stab at quantifying what off-day's might do for his production), provided we get someone who actually provides value (i.e. not an Aaron Boone).  Wade dropped this juicy morsel:

...[W]e're closing in on a couple of guys in that group. We're waiting to see what happens.

That, of course, begs the question of who that pure shortstop could be?  Luckily, MLBTR has been keeping an up to date list of available free agents, by position.  Unfortunately, there isn't anyone worth signing, that probably wouldn't bust our self imposed salary cap because they would cost about $2 million.

My two votes, however, are Alex Cora (BRFG) and Aaron Miles (BRFG).  These two guys have decent OBP and played adequate to more than adequate shortstop last year.  Further, both can play 2B and Mlles even has 3IP to his record.  According to Baseball Reference's lgOBP (a park neutral figure), both have posted OBP's in the .340 range of the last few years, which makes them the equivalent of Adam Dunn in our line-up.  The only thing that I know will preclude signing either of them is money; Cora made $2 million last year and Miles $3.4 million.