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What do Astros fans want for Christmas?

It's Christmas Eve, some of us are probably about to, already have, or are currently braving some last minute shopping and the responsible among us are sitting at home, or someone else's home, gorging on cookies, cake, brownies, etc.  My dad and I have been watching ESPN and shaking our head the their Teixeria hard-on.  I can't tell what they love more: the Yanks beating on the Sox for Tex or the Lakers/Celtics game preview?

Anyway, the hot stove is sure to be very cool for the next two days and the Astros aren't even players in that anyway, so I figured we could have an off-topic discussion for the day of what's on your Christmas list.  As always feel free to include such baseball related wishes as: "A Ben Sheets signing," or "Erasing the Tim Purpura years from the books."

As for me, I'll throw out my Christmas list and maybe we'll get some discussion:


My MS Paint skills are in an obvious decline

  1.  An overcoat -- finals week was freezing and I own nothing of real warmth, so finding something insulate myself has become my number one priority.
  2. Michael Bourn to OPS .900
  3. More RAM for my laptop.
  4. Hunter Pence to have a BB% of 13%.
  5. The Neverlate Alarm clock -- no longer will I sleep through a morning Wednesday/Friday class because I forgot to change my alarm of Tuesday/Thursday setting.
  6. The Cowboys to lose to the Eagles -- I just had to include that for my Cowboy fan friends who read the blog.
  7. Mike Hampton to pitch a Cy-Young caliber 2009.
  8. For Drayton McLane to have an Ebenezer Scrooge-esque dream tonight and wake up and sign Derek Lowe or Ben Sheets on Christmas morning.
  9. World Peace?
Alright, have it. Discuss.  Be Merry. Be Safe. Be Sane (I know I'm struggling, but gotta love'em).