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Brocail signs with the Astros for $2.5 million

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****UPDATE 9:45PM****

While this post has devolved into a discussion of the reasons we love JD, a few hours of perspective has lead me to this conclusion:

Ed Wade is a negotiating GENIUS

Think about it.  He declined Doug Brocail's $3.25 million option for 2009 and then took away his extreme opportunity cost as a Type A free agent.  As of 11 PM last night, Doug Brocail was one of the better relievers on the market -- he wouldn't cost a negotiating team anything except his 1 or 2 year contract.  The Mets, the Brewers...the list could go on of teams who desperately needed stable bull pen arms.  His market value had to SOAR last night after he got his arbitration declined.

And somehow, someway Mr. Edward Wade talked Doug Brocail into taking a $750,000 pay cut. It's just incredible.


From CBSSportsLine, more will be posted as it comes.

Ed Wade most be a negotiating genius, that's a $750,000 pay cut from his declined option.

****UPDATE**** It's official.

HOUSTON -- The Houston Astros announced today that the club has signed right-handed pitcher Doug Brocail to a one-year, $2.5-million contract, plus incentives. The deal also includes a club option for 2010 worth $2.85 million, plus incentives, with a provision that allows the club to buy out the option at $250,000. The announcement was made by general manager Ed Wade.

I'm still shocked we got him to take a pay cut.