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Astros' brass refuses to add a starter and non-tender Wigginton: What are they thinking?

I really am just at a loss for words at this announcement.  We're just going to be bad next year.  Really bad.  Like 95 losses bad, or so it feels like.

Either the Astros brass is:

a) truly—which is hard for me to believe—that cash strapped right now

b) that confident in Johnson's and/or Sutton's development

c) think that Wigginton is just a player who performed to his peak potential last year, look at his numbers and see something that doesn't come close to being worth what arbitration will net him.

If a) than Drayton better get real open about his what his books really look like.

If b) I hope this gamble pays off.

If c) I'll probably respect them, because in thinking about, Wigginton probably won't be worth near his salary next year, and the cost/benefit analysis makes since in that instance.  To arrive at c) the Astros would have to truly be putting faith in what the numbers were telling them and I like that.

Do I like the decision not to go full force with what we've got right now through a Roy Oswalt contract restructuring? NO.  Do I like the fact that we're giving away Ty Wigginton? NO.  I am I pissed? YES.  Do I truely think we're much worse off?...not really?