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To finish my previous thoughts on Dunn

I wasn't able to finish my last post on Adam Dunn for some may be a combination of something being wrong with the SBN system and my near complete computer illiteracy.

Anyways, here are my concluding thoughts:

What Adam Dunn does do is get on base a ton, amass 650 plate appearances a season, and average 158 games played over the past five seasons. A 4.1 WARP for 2009 is a significant improvement over Michael Bourn's projected value of 1.3. Roy and Lance realize that time is running out, and this may be the team's last chance to seriously compete for at least a few years. There isn't a lot of stability in the FA market, or MLB as a whole, but Dunn is probably as close to an exception as you'll find. Whatever competitive advantage the Astros may have with Ben Sheets in their starting rotation probably won't be any more than they'd get with Adam Dunn in their lineup.