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A Dunn deal: Could Adam be someone worth looking into for the Astros?

We need starting pitching. That much we know. What if it's not forthcoming? What if Roy and Lance's possible contract restructuring isn't enough to land a FA pitcher? Are we doomed to the 90 loss season that seems to be staring us in the face?

Maybe not. Adam Dunn is out there, and what's more- he won't cost the team a draft pick to sign. He probably won't come cheap, however. The Braves and Nationals are said to be interested. The Braves need another bat in that lineup, and seem to be doing everything in their power (signing David Ross as a backup catcher, trading for Javier Vazquez, showing interest in AJ Burnett) to leap back to respectability in 2009. The Nationals have already offered a possible 8 yr/$160 million deal to FA Mark Teixeira in hopes of luring him back closer to where he grew up. If that deal doesn't entice the slugging first baseman to return, GM Jim Bowden may turn his sights to Mr. Dunn. As the former GM of the Reds while Dunn was a leftfielder, he is assuredly familiar with Adam, and would have money left over from not signing Tex. Teams like the Dodgers and Angels would probably show some interest as well, if Manny and Tex, respectively, leave for greener pastures.

Could a deal for the hometown guy be feasible? Hunter Pence would be forced to shift back to CF, and Dunn would take RF, with Lee in left. I know, I know- at first glance you may be thinking, "Alfonso Soriano is going to hit 50 doubles next year...just against the Astros." A valid reaction- Dunn and Lee are not speedsters, and Hunter Pence isn't Ken Griffey Jr. in his heyday. Still- Dunn's RZR was a respectable .899 last season. He doesn't make a lot of plays outside out of his zone out in left field, I'll give you that.