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Astros lose a Wigginton suitor as Lopez signed by DBacks

A lesser reported deal took place yesterday when the D-Backs inked FA second-baseman Felipe Lopez to a one year/$3.5 million contract. Lopez had one of the more interesting seasons in the majors last year. As a Washington National he hit .234/.305/.314 in 100 games played. Subsequently he was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals where in 43 games (156 ABs) he mashed .385/.426/.538!

Arizona isn't a team that has a lot of high average hitters. Quite the opposite- guys like Stephen Drew, Mark Reynolds, and Chris Young are all young players who strike out a lot but can hit the ball a mile when contact is made. GM Josh Byrnes made a pretty good decision in this signing, rather than bringing in Ty Wigginton. As much as I'd love to have some Baby Backs become Baby 'Stros, a year of Wigginton at probably $7 million+ in 2009 would probably be worth one more win over a guy like Felipe Lopez.