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Eye of the storm? Or just receding tides?

This week has been hectic, and not just in terms of late night cramming for the college/grad students that frequent the Crawfish Boxes.  There were a lot of rumors and reports emanating from the Winter Meetings and now that that's done with, MLBTradeRumors has stopped its incredible onslaught of rumor mill reporting, my Astros RSS feeds have stopped updating like crazy, and it has be wondering: has the zenith of the Hot Stove Season been reached, or is this the calm before the storm returns?

Whichever side you stand in favor in—going for broke (possibly in a literal sense) to compete next season, or unloading contracts for to bring in prospects and shore up funds for next season—there is still a lot to be done.  Being immersed in my studies today (the French language can kiss my ass at this point and I'm so tired of thinking about the Progressive Era it's not even funny) I can't really bring myself to reflect on what the rumor mill and Roy Oswalt's contracts demand—not to mention what today's acquisitions, and losses, through the Rule V draft—mean for 2009 and beyond.

Since I can't do it though, it doesn't mean y'all don't have a lot to debate, hash out, or prognosticate on.  So lets get to it.  What to your tea leaves read after the pimping of Wigginton faltered, other teams desire to see Tejada traded, and the still glaring defects in our starter rotation?  What does Roy Oswalt's contract demand really mean for 2009 and are the Astros truly justified in claiming economic infeasabilmty as a hindrance to their off-season actions?