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Astros select LHP Gil de la Vara; trade for catcher Palmisano

Sorry to be late on this, I was cloistered in the library and it didn't occur to me to check on this until now.

La Vara (24) has been solid at low levels of the Royals system, throwing 77 IP between high-A and AA last year.  In his 33.2 IP at AA last year he posted a 3.38 FIP with 5.79 K/9 and a 1.40 K:BB (from fangraphs).

The Orioles used their pick to select Lou Palmisano (26) from the Brewers system and traded him to the Astros, though I've yet to see any details from the transaction.  Palmansano posted a .334 wOBA is 72 high-A ABs last year and a .365 wOBA in 29 in the rookie league (again, fangraphs).  Palmisano looks to have retooled as a catcher and is repeating levels, so I don't put too much stock into these numbers.