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Astros Shopping Wigginton, Teams say they'll look to Tejada as well

Finals are in full force in my life and my sleep schedule is absurd (4 AM to Noon today), so bear with me as I weather the last few days.

Fox Sports Net reports, via Ed Price, that the D-Backs appear interested in Wigginton, but they want him at second base -- I can't see that happening.  If one thing is apparent about Ed Wade's off-season plans, it's that he wants to get rid of Wigginton.

Price also reports that teams have let Wade know that if a Wigginton deal cannot be worked out, then they'll begin explore Miguel Tejada as an alternative.

My only hope is that we get a worthwhile haul in the trade(s).

This also puts the list of teams linked to Wigginton, by my count at five, so at least we have some options(?).