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Astros Hot Stove Rumblings: 11/4/08

So I just realized that the entire front page could start becoming a slew of fan shots with rumor tidbits that come across the wire and there needs to be a change in their delivery.  This is that change.  The plan will be for rumor fodder to be dropped into a single post that will be updated as the day goes on and we'll try to keep updated as often as possible.  Also, sorry for the comments that will be lost.

Mets have eyes for Wolf

 "The Mets are looking at Randy Wolf in addition to Lowe and their own Oliver Perez." 

-- Jon Heyman


Maybe if Wolf gets snatched up by another team, we can sign a good starting pitcher. Though, I won't hold my breath by any means.

Ed Wade indicates the Astros will be looking to deal

"To keep this club together, it would be a real challenge from a payroll standpoint ," Wade said. "We would like to keep this club together, but we might have to get creative to do certain things, which might entail us having to move one or two pieces off this club."

Any thoughts on who that player or two might be?

Caffardo links Indians to Wigginton

The Tribe has Houston's Ty Wigginton on the radar as a third base possibility. But then who would play third for the Astros?

Miggy could be slotted to 3B and this could put us in motion to Peavy -- this could be a big deal.