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Astros Hot Stove Noise 11/29/08: Ed Wade just doesn't get it

****UPDATE***** The Mets are apparently the Mets have had discussions with Ed Wade on Valverde.  Does anyone know of their stud prospects?

In pretty much an elaboration of yesterday's blog piece, McTaggart had a full story in the Chronicle today going into further detail about what the Wolf negotiations cooling down really meant.  Clack was dead on the money yesterday when he read into the blog post that Ed Wade was still looking to sign Wolf, he just needed to free up some money via trades.  McTaggart tosses out Valverde and/or Wigginton as the trade bait Ed Wade will fish with at the up coming GM meetings.

On what planet does that make sense?  Why would you trade your 3B and/or NL Saves leading closer, so you can sign your number three pitcher, who has a true talent level of a number four or five?  Even if you thought Wolf was going to be that good, how do you address the offensive gap that Wigginton leaves the line-up?  Yes Sutton and Johnson were good in the AFL, but that by no means makes them NL ready.  And who does Ed Wade think will close games?  I don't think closers are important, but I also know that there is not a chance in hell that Cooper and Robinson can successfully manage a closer by committee for longer than a half-inning frame on opening day before they start screwing it up.  What do we gain by signing a 32 year-old pitcher who had a lightening in a bottle performance with us for two months? Especially when this guy is coming off multiple shoulder surgeries? Seriously, what? Besides another bloated, asinine amount of money awarded to a free agent, that will likely hampering future spending as a result of it.

I don't mind if the Astros suck by design.  If Ed Wade came out tomorrow and said, "We're entering a rebuilding phase, expect us to be back up and running in 2011-2012," I'd throw him a parade.  But trading players who were among the best at their position, in the league, so that you can sign Randy Wolf to a multi-year deal doesn't make a damn bit of sense.  One or the other Ed Wade: build a contender or rebuild? You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

At this point I have to stop because this rant could go on, but here's to hoping someone talks one iota of common sense into Ed Wade's head.