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What I'm Thankful For as an Astros fan

Let's take a step back and try to appreciate all the things that make being an Astros fan great. A lot of times I think we all get wrapped up in the bumbling decisions of McLane, the inconsistency of Wandy or the dearth of farm system talent. Here's what I have, feel free to comment with your opinions and/or things you're thankful for in baseball/life.

Now with a DyingQuail edit/update for Turkey Day

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(Dying Quail's addition) - This moment


via (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

- Jeff Bagwell's batting stance


-Randy Johnson's mullet and the hope it inspired


---Back to HighLeveragePerformer---

-Lance's base-running

-Roy's Bulldozer


-A flagpole in the field of play

-The roof open on a comfy, April night


-"Deep in the Heart of Texas" sung at halftime

-Richard Justice, for always making me laugh

-Too little, too late, too often (I'm a masochist apparently)

-18 inning games that win Division Series

-Dierker's Hawaiian shirts

-Jimmy Wynn nearly knocking one on the freeway

-Tony Eusebio's streak


-The promise of youth (yes, there is some)

-Sundaes in Astros' helmets sold at the ballpark

-Ausmus as an icon of sorts

-The Hustle of Pence

-The grit of Erstad (sorry, had to say it)

-Drayton Mclane, and his ability to give bloggers both head-aches and constant material to talk about

-One more World Series in the past sixty-plus years than the Cubs


Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Eat turkey, fall asleep in your chair, and maybe when you wake up, we'll have signed Ben Sheets...