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Astros Hot Stove Noise 11/25/08: Astros one of seven teams interested in David Ross

I missed this one this morning, but is reporting that the Astros have had talks with David Ross' agent, and are one of seven teams to inquire on Ross.

His agent, Ryan Gleichowski, is also the agent of Paul Bako and had this to say about Bako's fit with the Astros:

No question, Paul would have interest in Houston. He's from Louisiana, so he's not far away. He would definitely have interest.

Ross, 31, is a career .222/.309/.435 hitter and posted a .225/.369/.352 last year between the Reds and a brief stint with the Red Sox.  If Ross can put up that kind of OBP, I'd be very pleased (his NL split was .389).