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Sidenote to Valverde/Wigginton Article: Should Oswalt and Berkman be considered Untouchables?

So it looks more and more likely that the Astros are going to trade at least one veteran player this offseason. I usually don't give much credence to a Richard Justice article, but the billowing smoke coming from the Crawford Street denotes a probable fire. But, why Wigginton and Valverde specifically? Because as Richard Justice wrote in his article today:

Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman are untouchable. McLane wants both of them to finish their careers with the Astros. If either of them makes the Hall of Fame, it’ll be wearing the uniform they now wear.

My question is this- Should those two be untouchables? I know they are superb baseball players who have been with the Astros their entire careers, and their no-trade clause makes them difficult to deal, but does that make them personas-non- trade-candidates? In this of all years, with the economy struggling, and Drayton's stock portfolio most likely taking more hits than Matt Schaub, is he in a position to so strongly rule out any deal that may have been put forward by another team? Apparently, the Yankees have already made an inquiry as to the availability of one or both of them. Who's to say that other teams haven't as well? Both of their contracts are extremely reasonable in terms of dollars and duration.