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Astros Hot Stove 11/13/08: Randy Wolf Decides to Test Free Agency; Brocail has 12 Team's interest, but does Gregg to the Cubs affect him?


As a college student, I'm just now waking up.  I was a little panicked that I had managed to sleep this late, but all that anxiety dissipated when I read this quote:

 "I've been honest with Ed about that and my agent has been honest with Ed about that. Baseball players don't have many chances to be a free agent and the past two I was coming off injury."

Yes, that is Randy Wolf explaining why it is that he's going to cruise the waters of free agency and hope to get that 3 year/$30 million-ish dollar deal.  This is going to be a great day.

May we also pause this morning a remember that Ben Sheets had the equivalent of a pulled hamstring in his arm. after being the 8th most abused pitcher in baseball (behind the links of Lincecum, Sabathia, and Halladay), and that Randy Wolf is a year removed from shoulder surgery!!!

The question becomes, what does Ed Wade do? He had this to say (apologies to clack who already posted this on yesterday's thread...I should have set an alarm):

"We would like to get something done sooner rather than later," Wade said. "If it doesn't get done by Friday then we're going to have to be there looking in the market for other alternatives. We can't allow this to drag out to where we can't find viable alternatives to fill our needs. It's no secret we'd like to have Randy back, he pitched very well for us."

Good, let's not a wait on Wolf.  The only thing that scares me, is that he doesn't mean Ben Sheets, or Lowe, or somebody decent.  Either way, at this point, we have hope that Ed Wade will not commit stupid years and stupid money to Randy "the fluke" Wolf.

entropic soul...take it away.

Also, the Chronicle is quoting Brocail's agent as saying that 12 teams have expressed interest in Brocail.

**UPDATE 2:17PM**

MLBTradeRumors is reporting that the Cubs acquired Kevin Gregg and that Kerry Wood won't be back in Chi-town.  Does this affect the market for Doug Brocail at all? I think it does, big time.