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Filed under: Reviews Astros' Minor Leaguers is what it is- a source for direct news from the horse's mouth. A lot of the writing that is on their website isn't all that great, but I was really impressed with this article. Very detailed analysis, and what's more, it is full of praise for the change in organizational direction, in terms of our minor league affiliates. Especially important to note is the analysis on Brain Bogusevic, Bud Norris, Jason Castro, Polin Trinidad and Drew Sutton. There has been little to no good news coming out of our minor league system for the past few years. Now, with the addition of proven talent selectors, Ed Wade and Bobby Heck, hopefully the news will only get better.

What really interested me was the fact that that the writer of this article, Kevin T. Czerwinski, had this to say about Jason Castro:

Castro represents one of the best Draft picks Houston has made in years. He was a no-brainer when the Astros expended the 10th overall pick on him, and will provide the club with a legitimate star quality catcher for the better part of the next decade. Castro, who hits left-handed, batted .275 with two homers and 12 RBIs in the New York-Penn League before getting off to a ripping start in Hawaii Winter Baseball.

Wow. What a difference five months makes. As my article above this one details, I couldn't find one projection that had Castro becoming a star. Shows that maybe Ed and Bobby were stupid like foxes back in June, rather than just...well, stupid.