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Is It Bad That I'm This Happy...

That the Cubs got swept out of the playoffs by the Dodgers? If you told me before the season started that the Cubs were going to make the playoffs, and the Astros were not... what is the one thing that could make me happy... it would be watching the Cubs get swept in the 1st round. (okay, that is probably a stretch... but not much of one). Lets just say that I am very pleased with the way the Dodgers series went down. The Dodgers were(record wise) the worst team in the playoffs. They had 6 less wins than the NL Wild Card team and were 24th in all of baseball in runs scored. So HOW did they score 20 runs over 3 games and sweep the Cubbies? Just goes to show... pitching is king in the MLB and the Dodgers have the 2nd best ERA in all of baseball.

Of the top 10 ERA's in baseball, 7 of them went to playoff teams. The only team in the playoffs with out a top 10 team ERA is the White Sox who sit at number 11 with a 4.06 team ERA. Of the top 10 teams in runs scored... only 4 of the playoff teams made the cut.

Pitching is king. Offense is just a high ranking official.