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Neutral Site World Series: Coming to a ballpark near you?

In wake of the three-day Game Five, the idea of a neutral site World Series has been thrown around the baseball world. Reports indicate that it isn't likely, and this shouldn't be surprising. Baseball is as steeped in tradition as any sport, and the idea of doing away with the "home field" in a World Series seems ludicrous. True, it would alleviate weather concerns, but for the most part, the weather is rarely a factor.

I think this way in part, because I've dreamed of watching the Astros win the clinching game of the World Series in Boston or New York since I was a little guy. I don't know why I'd rather them win it on the road. Maybe because those are the "grandest" stages in all of baseball, in my humble opinion. It's probably just my way of sticking it to the powers that be, as well. Either way- I don't think I would like seeing all the games being played in LA or Phoenix, or wherever they'd decide the neutral site would be.